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Rides and the Bia Cycling Club

The Bia Cycling Club is currently only made up of women. We ride on Fridays and Sundays, as well as some other days at key dates/days throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a sociable, supportive, fun-loving and all-round amazing bunch, and are keen to come along and see if it’s for you, please join one of our induction sessions. 

Our group is everything from nervous novices to very experienced, from uni students to grannies and everything in between.

We encourage new riders to join us on #FridayRideday or #SocialSunday after they’ve been through an induction (more details below).

Friday Rideday

#FridayRideday was the original official ‘club ride’. Nowadays, the club has official rides on Fridays and Sundays. 

If you are wanting to come and ride either of these days with the club, we invite you to join an Induction session at The Bia Hub before you’ll be able to join a ride.

The purpose of the session is to give you an overview, and a look in to what it’s like to ride with us as a group. We have four different strength/skill groups, so we want to make sure you ride where you’re able and comfortable, to ensure you and the ladies around you have a good time on the bike.

The Induction session involves a short welcome and introduction at The Bia Hub in Twyford, known fondly as “The Mothership”. You’ll meet other newbies, as well as some existing members, and hopefully get a feel for the environment and community you are looking to be a part of. 

Inductions are more regular through the spring and summer, on both Friday’s and Sundays. Kindly email info@biacycling.com and indicate that  you are keen to do an Induction and we can send you the necessary details.

It’s also important that we try and help you assess where you’ll be most comfortable starting, based on what kind of riding you’ve been doing, plan to do, when you do it etc. 

Once you’ve gone through the induction, you’ll join a ride (either a Friday or a Sunday) in the group we have agreed on. 

Every Wednesday, we send out the route plan (distance, climbing, start point, coffee stop etc). At that stage, let us know on the TEAM APP if you are joining us. Once you’ve signed up on the app, you’ll link to the Strava page to download the route.

The Collective

Just because you don’t like near Twyford, doesn’t mean you can’t join the Bia community.  It has always been the plan to open this community to all women, regardless of where you live and ride.
Head over to The Bia Cycling Collective app, create a profile and join the conversation.

The Club

It’s a sociable space, and a friendly and welcoming group of women. 

We ride in groups of 6 mostly , as this minimises the impact of the group on the roads we ride. All our rides include a coffee/cake stop.

No one is left behind and if someone in the group punctures, the whole group stops and mucks in. If you don’t know how to change a tube, at least make sure you have the supplies (spare tube, tyre levers, CO2 cartridge and/or pump. We also strongly recommend you join a puncture clinic/ entry level mechanics course. Email us to join the course at info@biacycling.com.

Rides tend to be around 30 miles, with longer options available in the summer months.

We start from two different locations, one in Twyford (Loddon Halland one in Maidenhead (Pinkneys Parking)

If you’re fairly new to group riding, you might want to join our “Charlie’s Angels” group – Charlie will settle you in, get you confident on the road, and in a group, explain some road etiquette and generally be amazing. Once you’re confident, you are then more than welcome to join the other groups. 

If you’re completely new to cycling, and you feel even a Charlie’s Angels ride may not work for you, we may suggest you join a Breeze group here.

You should be able to ride at least 20-25 miles when you are considering joining us, as most of our rides are aimed at this sort of level. We highly recommend having a road bike, however are happy for you to join the induction with a hybrid so you can get a feel for it. As most of the club are on road bikes, we believe you’ll find it easier to keep up on club rides.

For £99, you get a club jersey, water bottle, free personalised Ice ID and an organised ride AT LEAST every week of the year, plus more!

We have fun activities planned, and you always get first bite at the cherry.

Bia #FridayRideday

Join an Induction (details above) to come to one of our Friday rides.

  • Time


  • Start

    Alternating between Twyford & Maidenhead.

  • Route

    25-30 miles - Mostly country lanes in beautiful Berkshire.

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Charlie's Angels

A career public servant, Charlie’s service to the community hasn’t ended upon her retirement from decades with the Thames Valley Police. Having joined the Police at the tender age of 19, with an aim to serve and protect, Charlie enjoyed the team aspect of her day to day service.

May 2021 brought about Charlie’s retirement from the force, freeing up some time to spend doing something else she loves: riding her bike.

Fondly known as “Charlie Charlie”, her warm, supportive and caring nature has positioned Charlie perfectly for her new role in welcoming ‘newbies’ and novices to the Bia #FridayRidedays. There is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’ and Charlie’s gentle way makes ladies feel very welcome and comfortable in joining the crew.

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