The Greek goddess of raw strength and power. The centre of your physical body. The power of i.


Welcome to Bia Cycling Club, based in Twyford in Berkshire. The Bia Cycling Club strives to create communities of like-minded, strong, independent individuals, who love to ride, enlightening themselves to #thepowerofi by doing what they love.

Join the Bia cycling club and be welcomed to a warm, friendly and supportive group of women who love to ride their bikes!

New Members

£ 79 Joining Fee
  • Official BCC cycling jersey (RRP £85)
  • Personalised club ICE ID bracelet
  • Bia branded Tacx Bidon
  • Access to Club Route Library on
    Ride With GPS
  • First 4 Months Free

Renewing Members

£ 65/ 7 Annually / Per month
  • Weekly BCC group rides and outings
  • 15% off Workshop labour at The Bia Hub (excludes parts)
  • First option on all Bia Escapes
  • First option on training sessions and events
  • Members Only Forum

The Bia Cycling Club Photoshoot - by Sean Hardy

How We Roll

Welcome to Bia Cycling Club, based in the beautiful Berkshire village of Twyford. We ride because we enjoy it. We ride because it’s fun. We ride to get out, and to enjoy each other’s company. We ride for freedom and independence. We ride to escape. We ride to enjoy nature. AND We ride to have coffee and cake.

We encourage new riders and members. We have a group dedicated towards new riders, still gaining their confidence on their bikes and on the road, run by the wonderful Charlie Parker. This special group will get you into it if you are just starting out with the club, and is called “Charlie’s Angels”

If cycling is not new to you, but the club is, here is some idea of how we roll:

  • We respect all road users and encourage safe and considerate use of the roads/paths.
  • No participants are left behind. You are an adult, and know the rules of the road, and therefore are expected to know the basics.
  • We respect and follow The Highway Code, with safety of all road users our primary concern. A brief summary of the sections relevant to group riding are:
    • We ride two abreast where there is enough space on the road to allow traffic to pass the group as though it were a slow-moving vehicle. When riding like this, please ensure you keep the group together (often referred to as ‘keeping it tight’), but staying close to the wheel in front of you, and making sure the riders behind you are holding your wheel.
    • Where the road is narrow and a vehicle is not able to pass the group as mentioned above, the ride leader will ask the group to ride single file (half a meter away from the edge of the road) to allow the vehicle to pass when safe.
    • Do not just follow blindly through intersections. Judge for yourself if you have the confidence to proceed.
    • Regroup at the top of a climb. This allows everyone to climb at their own pace, without the pressure of feeling like they’re going to get left behind. When you are waiting at the top, ensure you are well off the road, out of the way of any other road users.
    • ALWAYS ride predictably, and according to the rules of the road.
    • DO NOT HALFWHEEL – or overlap wheels with the rider in front of you in the group. This most often ends up with an accident.
    • PLEASE make sure you wear your ICE ID. If an accident happens while out on a ride, it needs to be reported to your leader, who will complete a form for submission to the Club.

Club etiquette and ethos:

The Bia Cycling Club is all about supporting each other while doing what we love. Every woman has it in her to do more and be more and learning that #powerofI is what the Bia brand is all about. We support each other while learning and understanding that WE CAN DO whatever we put our minds to.

What this means in practise:

  • We don’t leave anyone behind. If someone in the group punctures/has a mechanical, everyone mucks in and helps where they can. If someone has loaned you a spare/tube/CO2/energy bar, the right thing to do is to replace it.
  • Remember, everyone can have a bad day. Both on the bike, or within themselves. Either way, building them up and supporting them is a superb way to get their spirits up and feeling good and confident about themselves.
  • Greeting other road users is a friendly and warm way to interact with our community and those sharing the road. It costs nothing and is something that epitomises what our club is about, so please be encouraged to be warm and friendly. It’s also hard to be rude/nasty to someone who is showering you with love.
  • You have a responsibility to your group in terms of:
    • Making sure you are self-sufficient in terms of tools, spares, nutrition and the route. This includes making sure your bike is in a good state of repair and your tyres are fit for the season (minimising the risk of punctures). It’s considered disrespectful if you aren’t prepared, so please make sure you are. If you need help or advice on any of it, ask. The Facebook group is there for just this reason – you should never feel alone or overwhelmed – there is a large group of amazing women that you are able to ask!
    • Take care of each other on the road by calling out hazards on the road (holes, bumps, junctions etc). If you are not confident to take your hands off the handlebars, shout ‘hole left’ or whatever the hazard is.
    • Be aware of your surroundings – what’s going on on the road around you. Chatting is considered part of the vibe, but you need to still be able to concentrate to ensure your safety and the group around you.
    • Share the workload. The two people on the front of the group are taking the bulk of the wind, so offer to come to the front and work, all while keeping an awareness of everyone’s movement in the group and making sure everyone is staying together.

The Bia Cycling Club ethos