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Would you like us to tailor-make a package for you to spoil your clients, your club or your office. Mountain Bike, Road or gravel cycling, in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe or the USA, talk to us. Our wide network allows us to create a package that suits your objectives as well as your budget.

  • Luxury hotel or B&B
  • Meals and drinks
  • Riding nutrition
  • Support vehicle
  • Sports massages
  • Mechanic
  • Airport transfers
  • Options on rental bikes
  • Coaching/training programs

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Katherine Gale:

Four Days in the Alps – New challenges, New adventures, New achievements, New friends. #BiaAlpineEscape

The trip included everything I expected it too, and so much more. I never knew four days on a bike could teach me so much………….

I learned to dismantle and reassemble my bike,
to travel light and only take what you need,
to read the route and prep accordingly,
to start every day with a good coffee,
to appreciate the quiet, well-kept, roads of France,
to keep well fuelled,
to push and pull through every pedal,
to celebrate a 6% gradient as a recovery,
to use the right gearing makes all the difference,
to use my brakes and my body position when descending,
to celebrate each day with people who shared the experience,
I learned to look up and appreciate the breath-taking surroundings and not just focus on getting to the top, but to ENJOY THE RIDE.

My Mantra = Head down, drive forward, but don’t forget to look up and breathe.

The Mountains provide you with a sense of realisation, a sense of how insignificant some things in life can be and how real life can feel. The consideration of there being no limits.
It was me versus the mountain – but it was a team effort to get to the top.

One day I’m saying Yes to a cycle trip, the next I’m standing at the top of the Galibier with the greatest sense of achievement. #BiaAlpineEscape.

Thanks again for an awesome few days.