The Greek goddess of raw strength and power. The centre of your physical body. The power of i.

The Bia Hub

As we are now on the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, we look forward to welcoming customers back into The Bia Hub. We have some exciting new products in store, a lovely range of essentials as well as some great merchandise and unique products. Come and say hi and see our range.

We are delighted to say that the Café is now OPEN for inside seating! Enjoy all the coffee and treats you have become used to inside in groups of 6 or two households of any size.

Serving not only our now famously ‘Brilliant Bia Brew’, we also have a lighter roast, chai latte, and a variety of teas and soft drinks. You can now enjoy your time indoors with  toasties, wraps and sandwiches as well as the usual cakes, traybakes and snacks.

You may not have been allowed to be inside, but we have been, and have been very busy getting ready for this day! Not only do we have our normal cafe seating downstairs, our upstairs seating offers socially distanced tables, with lots of airflow, along with a couple of comfortable couches. If you are meeting friends, need to escape your day-to-day surroundings or just want to watch a little bit of bike racing, pop in and get your fix. 

We have truly missed the faces, the laughs, the chats and the community that we have welcomed us so warmly! One step closer to normal, and one step closer to being together. 

What to do:

  1. Entry ONLY WITH a MASK
  2. Sanitise upon entry
  3. Check in with the NHS app, or leave your details
  4. Place your order at the counter – wait at the counter for your order
  5. Where possible, only one person per household to place the order
  6. Please find a free table, and make yourself comfortable.
  7. Once you’re seated, you may remove your mask.
  8. If you leave your table for any reason, please put your mask back on.

We certainly have missed the vibe and the buzz of having you all indoors with us, so we look forward to welcoming you all back responsibly  on another step closer to the end of lockdown!

As part of the lifting, we have also extended the Tuesday to Saturday hours, and are now open on those days until 4pm.

The WORKSHOP is currently really busy, but we welcome your bookings. Email to arrange a booking, alternatively please call us on 0118 929 1004 during our operating hours.

Our opening times are:

Tues – Sat: 9am – 4pm

Sun: 9:30am – 2pm

We so look forward to seeing you all again!

Stay safe, and see you soon!




inner strength


Bia Cycling is a community of like-minded, strong, independent individuals who love to ride, created and nurtured by founder, Jenni Green. We encourage you to join our culture of cycling that embodies empowerment, builds confidence and inspires the love for cycling.

Bia Cycling is also a place where our community of cyclists can come together at The Bia Hub. We are based in the beautiful Berkshire village of Twyford. The Hub is a safe space for you to come and relax, enjoy a coffee, find kit and get advice or assistance with servicing your bicycle. Our culture extends into the retail space and we offer cycling getaways we call escapes to enhance your cycling experience and offer value to our community.

our bia community


The Bia Hub is the epicentre of our community. We strive to serve our cycling community in every way, both in terms of offering the best product advice, as well as giving your bike the best care during our servicing, all while you have a yummy coffee & cake at The Bia Hub Cafe


Join us every Friday for a women only ride through our local villages. Join the Whatsapp group and join the conversation.


The Bia Cycling Club is a warm, welcoming group of women who ride together, support each other, laugh together and have fun together! The club is a manifestation of the Bia philosophy, and we welcome women who are new or experienced cyclists, who would like to ride with other women and enjoy themselves while doing so. Click here for more details on membership


Bia merchandise is available online as well as a range of other gear.

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“As a woman, in every sphere of life, integrity is something that is a pillar of self-being and self-worth, something you cannot buy. It’s something that is inherently in you, and who you are. It takes humility to the next level, and humility is something that comes with being on the bike. Everything about Bia is encapsulated while riding your bike. Deciding from within yourself to do things, to get the courage from deep inside yourself, believing in YOU, that you ARE capable and that the strength you need will come from the one person you can trust – yourself. Believing in yourself is everything. Discovering that truth will change the way you live your life. Welcome to Bia. Welcome to the power of ‘I’.” – Jenni Green, Founder

Just Jenni

Bia is a way of life. Bia is a mantra. Bia is where anything is achievable.