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The Bia Hub

We are OPEN again! As of Wednesday the 6th January 2021, The Bia Hub will reopen following Tier 4 and the Christmas period.

The retail and workshop are considered ‘essential as per the government guidelines for lockdown.

The Café will operate a take-away only service, with all the coffee and treats you have become used to ☺ Toasties, wraps and sandwiches Thursday through to Sunday (while they last!), so please pop in and enjoy a warm treat with us.

The WORKSHOP is open and accepting bookings. If you’ve been riding lots, it’s a good time to get your bike serviced to make sure it keeps running well through lockdown. Email to arrange a booking, alternatively please call us on 0118 929 1004 during our operating hours.


This week, our opening times are:


  • Thurs – Sat 10am – 3pm
  • Sun 9am -1pm


  • Tues – Fri 10am – 3pm

We so look forward to seeing you all again, even if it is masked and for a brief pop in for your take-away.

Stay safe, and see you soon!


All the best, Jenni & The Bia Hub team.

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a Friendly space for our cycling community

what we offer

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the Workshop

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 we are not allowing customers into the building and are implementing a drop-off/pick-up only policy with service work. All bikes will be disinfected at the contact points at drop-off and once the service work is complete.

Communication is preferred through telephone, email or social media in regard to any service questions or updates. Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to during in-person conversation.

We endeavour to operate as effectively as possible during these difficult times, but lead times for parts may be longer due to greater demand for courier services.

Should you have any questions about our servicing or what level of service your bike requires please feel free to get in contact.

Please contact us ahead before you book your bike in to make sure we have availability for you.

All parts are additional to the price of the service.

Workshop Service Menu

Our basic service covers all the major components of the bike, checking for wear, safety and making any adjustments needed. Ideal for bikes that are generally in a good state of repair or have been sitting for a prolonged period of time. Not suitable for bikes that need any amount of cleaning. Nothing is fitted or taken off the bike, but small exceptions can be made.

A basic service includes:

  • Inspection of all parts for wear and safe operation.
  • Checking and torqueing each bolt to specification.
  • Tuning and adjustment of gears.
  • Tuning and adjustment of brakes.
  • Checking and adjustment of headset and wheel bearings.
  • Checking bottom bracket bearings and chain-set for wear
  • Checking and lubricating cables
  • Inflation of tyres to correct pressure

Our middle service is recommended every 3-6 months for bikes which are ridden regularly, depending on the conditions or time of year. This service focuses on the drivetrain of the bike making sure it is removed and cleaned thoroughly and running smoothly once re-fitted; chain wear will be checked upon arrival so an assessment can be made.

A middle service includes:

  • Inspection of all parts for wear and safe operation.
  • Checking and adjustment of headset, wheel and bottom bracket bearings.
  • Wheels removed from frame, cleaned and trued if necessary.
  • Clean of complete bicycle.
  • Removal and degrease/clean of complete drivetrain including both derailleurs.
  • Re-fitting, re-setting and re-lubrication of drivetrain including derailleurs.
  • Tuning and adjustment of brakes.
  • Checking, lubricating or replacing cables.
  • Fitting of minor replacement parts such as cables, brake pads.
  • Fitting of any standard items such as chains, cassettes, tyres.

Our full service is recommended every 12-18 months for bikes which are used regularly through all weather conditions. The bike is stripped down to a frame and every component is checked for wear, cleaned and then re-fitted. All consumable parts and bearings will be replaced where necessary. This service will make the bike run like new and work happily for many miles.

A full service includes:

  • Inspection of all parts for wear and safe operation.
  • Stripping bike of all parts back to bare frame.
  • Cleaning of frame and parts.
  • Cleaning and truing of wheels.
  • Degreasing and cleaning of all drivetrain and transmission components.
  • Cleaning of all braking components.
  • Servicing of headset bearings if needed
  • Servicing of bottom bracket bearings if needed
  • Servicing of hub bearings if needed
  • Removal and refitting of all bolts and fixings to correct torque.
  • Fitting of any replacement parts.
  • Re-fitting, re-setting and re-lubrication of drivetrain, transmission and braking components.
  • A full set of new inner cables fitted


The mechanic will highlight any components that may need follow-up checks, such as gear cables stretching, when the bike is collected.

General Repairs Menu

Inner tube & replacement – £15

  • The price is for replacing the inner tube and or tyre on a standard non hub geared bike. We will check for the cause of the puncture if applicable, check the condition of the rim and the tyre.
  • Install/Replace 1 Derailleur or Gear cable and gear set-up – £18
  • Install/Replace 2 Derailleur or Gear cable and gear set-up – £36
  • Install/Replace 1 Gear shifter – £18
  • Install/Replace 2 Gear shifter – £36
  • Straighten or install rear derailleur hanger and gear set-up – £18
  • Install road STI levers and set up– £48
  • Hydraulic brake bleed – from £18 per brake
  • Fit 1 new brake pads or cable – £10
  • Fit 2 new brake pads or cable – £18
  • Install new Chain/sprockets and gear set-up – £24
  • Complete de-grease of drivetrain and set up – £36
  • Occasionally parts such as stems, seat-posts and bottom brackets are seized/rusted in the frame. When this is the case additional labour/time is needed to remove these.

    • Fit Full-length mudguard – £18
    • Fit drop bar tape – £10
    • Bottom bracket service/fitting – £30
    • Tubeless Setup – £18 per wheel
      • Tubeless conversions require tubeless specific tyres and rims; converting non-tubeless specific rims can sometimes be challenging and require specific parts. Tubeless sealant will be supplied but will require checking every 2/3 months.
    • Replace 1 x spoke and true wheel – from £20
      • The wheel is removed from your bike, tyre and tube removed, cassette/freewheel removed, spoke replaced, all spokes checked and the wheel trued. Additional spokes £1. Some spoke lengths will need to be ordered increasing the time we have the bike.
    • True wheel – From £18
    • Hub cone adjustment – From £6
    • Hub service – From £18

the Café

What is cycling without coffee? What is a ride without a cafe stop with a great coffee and a special little cake treat?

Come and share a cuppa with us before, during or after a ride. Bring a friend. Meet a friend. Make a friend. That’s what our Hub is all about.

We offer a great brew, with milk alternatives as a standard, as well as gluten-free, vegan and ‘normal’ treats.
If you ride, or if you don’t, our coffee and treats are sure to win you over.

As per current government lockdown guidance, we are operating a take-away only service. We ask that you come in on Station Rd side, park your bike INSIDE while you place and collect your order, and exit through Waltham Rd side. Please only arrive as a maximum of two people. Please ensure you wear your masks when entering, and complete NHS details, and sanitise.

Find us at The Bia Hub

The Bia Hub: Waltham Road, Twyford, RG10 9EE 
Phone: +44 0118 929 1004

*Opening Times:


  • Thurs – Sat 10am – 3pm
  • Sun 9am -1pm


  • Tues – Fri 10am – 3pm
*Please note these times are subject to change and we suggest that you phone ahead or check Google for our most up to date opening times.

Map of parking and access details for the Bia Hub

Limited parking at Waltham Road side to drop off/pick up bikes for servicing. Please be very aware of where you park, as there is a lot of resident-only parking around us