Velolife becomes Ola Coffee Co at The Bia Hub

Twyford – Stacey Collings, owner of The Little Yoga Studio and Martin Collings take the reins at the coffee shop at The Bia Hub in Twyford.

In an exciting development for the vibrant community of Twyford, Martin & Stacey, the visionaries behind The Little Yoga Studio, are set to take over what is currently the Velolife Cafe.

The decision comes on the heels of Velolife’s successful expansion at The River and Rowing Museum in Henley. That being the fourth cafe in the Velolife stable in two years, owner Lee Goodwin believes it’s time for consolidation.

Stacey Collings, known for her incredible transformation work at The Little Yoga Studio, and Martin Collings are eager to bring a holistic and inclusive vision to the coffee shop. The yoga studio, situated upstairs at The Bia Hub, has become a beacon for individuals passionate about health and well-being. Its success lies in creating a space where community members come together to nurture their physical and mental well-being. The coffee shop will serve as an extension of these values.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Ola Coffee Co, bringing a new chapter of health, wellness, and community connection to Twyford,” says Stacey Collings. “Our aim is to create an inviting space where everyone, regardless of their interests, feels welcome. Ola Coffee will be a hub for not just cyclists, but for the entire community to enjoy fresh, healthy offerings and foster connections”, says Martin Collings.

The transition promises an exciting blend of The Bia Hub’s established charm and Stacey & Martin’s passion for community-building. Expect an uplifting atmosphere, with a delicious menu that caters to various tastes, reflecting the dynamic spirit of Twyford.

Stay tuned for the grand reopening and watch our little coffee shop transformation on instagram at @olacoffeecouk

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