Kilometre Collective Summer Gravel Edition – We did it!

Just over two weeks ago, our community came together to do something awesome: Following our feat in January of riding the length of Britain (Lands’ End to John O’Groats) in 24 hours – as a Collective – we decided to try and do it in HALF THE TIME! Yup, in just 12 hours, we came together again to try and ride 1 916km. This time, outside!

And, we DID it! Because we did it together! Just over 50 people came out to ride with us on a 23km gravel circuit and together we collected enough km’s to ride the full distance of Britain! On top of that, those supporters who couldn’t join us in person, joined us on Strava and collected their km’s to add to our tally! So we’ve MORE than done it! All thanks to our amazing community!

Thank you to everyone who supported this crazy idea. The reason we did it? Because coming together to do something that seems unachievable seems all the more incredible when you actually do it – and if we can do these sorts of things and raise money for charities close to our hearts, then why wouldn’t we!?

What can you do?

You can donate any amount you can to either Mind or Women in Sport to show your love.

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Together we achieve great things! #strongertogether 

A big Thank you goes out to our partners and supporters!