British brands bolster the offering at The Bia Hub

Hot off the heels of the announcement of the British brand ORRO joining the Bia family, we are excited to announce one more incredible British brand to join the offering: Reilly

Who is Reilly?

Reilly is the brainchild of the legend Mark Reilly, who honed his craft and love of titanium as a material for bicycles back in the early nineties, under the brand Omega. Fast forward to 2014 and Reilly Cycleworks is born: handcrafted in the UK, under Mark’s guidance. Following his untimely death is 2019, Reilly Cycleworks continues Mark’s legacy of creating beautiful titanium (and carbon) bikes.

Why titanium?

Simply put, titanium is an incredibly strong material. It’s strength to weight ratio makes it a very durable frame material, that absorbs a lot of noise and vibration off the road or trail surface. Titanium can withstand a lot of abuse, which makes it an incredibly versatile frame material.

Something a little different, with many riding options across the different frame options.

“Cycling lacks diversity and it’s inspiring to see Jenni and the team at The Bia Hub making a concerted effort to attract and empower women to get on their bikes, to ride road and gravel, whatever their level of experience. Reilly Cycleworks looks forward to supporting Bia in this endeavour with our custom titanium builds and demo rides.” Chris Ratcliff, Business Development Director Reilly Cycleworks.

‘The strategic move towards partnering with great British brands has been a focus following Britain’s exit from the EU. Strong, unique and really well-made brands of bikes are made right here in the UK, and provide fast turnaround times for delivery of bikes, with more readily available stock of all lines within their ranges. This allows us to offer customers the bike they need for their chosen riding style a whole lot sooner than other brands. This is the difference in keeping people riding and interested’, says Jenni Green, Founder and Owner of The Bia Hub.

Many different build options exist in the world of Reilly, so whether you’re into asphalt or gravel, pop in and have a chat to us about creating your ideal ride. 

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