The Bia Hub celebrates its 3rd Birthday

It’s been a long, grey and wet winter riding-wise, and the cost of living issues are very real for all of us. 

However, spring is here and summer will be on its way after that, so things are looking up!

Today is The Bia Hub’s 3rd birthday!-we opened our doors on the 15th April 2020, three weeks into the first lockdown! We only had a business idea, a mechanic’s bench, a mechanic and a lot of uncertainty about where things were going in the world. 

As we were a brand new entity, and had no existing relationships with distributors and bike brands in the industry, it made it incredibly challenging to access anything (bikes, parts or accessories) as the entire industry was battling excess demand, and existing shops/websites were serviced by these distributors first.

We have chipped away, and come out with relationships forged and trust earned with most distributors in the industry. 2023 has cemented further relationships with more brands, and I’m so happy to say that I’m now able to access most cycling-related brands and products.

We are able to offer a choice of bike brands for any budget, along with some great perks (free first service, 14 day free bike insurance etc) with a personal touch and advice, based on the riding you are currently doing and the riding you want to do going forward. 

There are some great specials on brands at the moment, across the board, and I know that pennies and pounds savings are worth every bit, especially in times like these.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you with a no-obligation quote if you’re in the market for a new bike.

Furthermore, if you’re after something (accessories/parts etc) please give us the chance to price match what you’re getting online – even if it’s something you don’t see physically at The Bia Hub. Every little bit helps, and growing a community and sharing advice/deals/bargains is part and parcel of it. 

Trusting that you have, and will continue to find value in being part of the Bia cycling community,  and whilst there are a wide choice of outlets and online retailers to choose from, your loyalty and support are very much valued. 

These pictures show a little of where we’ve come from, and the journey we’ve taken.

We look forward to where the next three years takes us, and welcoming you to the journey with us.