Say hi to the new Bia ‘Swannies’

We wanted to introduce you to the new Bia ‘Swannies’. 

Soigneur (approximate French pronunciation: SWAN-yea) is one of the many French words relating to cycling. The term comes from the French for the “one who provides care.” Typically, during a professional stage race, soigneurs, colloquially known as “swannies,” are part of the support team there to make riders’ lives easier and allow them to stay focused on competing in the race rather than dealing with details surrounding it.

In the world of Bia, the Swannies are here to help with club rides. They’re a warm, friendly and supportive group of women who love to ride their bikes, and want to help others do the same!

The Bia Cycling Club is just over three years old, and has grown exponentially since we opened The Bia Hub in April last year. Exponential growth means exponential admin, so in order to help to keep the club adding value to members, to grow with it and keep providing value, we have taken on the extremely kind and generous help of some incredible women, and they deserve a proper introduction so you can get to know them 🙂

Name: Hayley Lucas

Favourite cake: The cherry bakewell at Bia

If you weren’t a human what would you be: I’d probably be a mountain goat.

What’s your favourite thing about riding: The adventure of going somewhere new. I especially love getting to the top of a big hill and taking a minute to stop and take in the Views.

Name: Charlie Charlie, Bia gave me the repeat so happy with that.

Favourite cake: Mozzarella and tomato toastie. Not a cake but my favourite Bia energy pack for the way home after a Bia ride. Only at the Hub.

If I wasn’t a human I would be a Jack Russell Terrier, fearless in the defence of others, I’m a powerful tot at 5′ 1 on a tall day. People think I’m an ankle biter but I have staying power. If not an Angel, helping others which is simply the best.

My favourite thing about riding: The rhythm, the quiet with nature, the challenge, riding with my Bia mates and my newfound love of coaching. Helping others on their cycling journey.

Name : Holly Seear

Favourite cake: All of them!

If you weren’t a human what would you be: I would quite like to be an elephant; strong, wise, supportive and fiercely protective of my family and extended ‘herd’. Always seeking food and travelling great distances in wild places:-)

What’s your favourite thing about riding: Ummm… the freedom, the community, the friendships, the sense of achievement and of course always seeking food and travelling great distances in wild (and not so wild) places!

Name: Sarah Severn

Favourite cake: Any Bia cake and especially the toasties

If you weren’t a human what would you be: I’d be a rescue dog, a bit rough with battle wounds and lots of stories. Very loyal and unconditional love for my family. After a good runoutside, I’m a happy pup…

What’s your favourite thing about riding: Everything! The freedom, the fun, the social. Simply, the way it makes me feel, it’s like feeding my soul 🙂

Name: Paula Gatfield

Favourite cake: Brownie

If you weren’t a human what would you be: A Labrador! I love food, exercise and being around people. I like to think I’m pretty loyal too!

What’s your favourite thing about riding: I love the camaraderie of riding in a group…especially my Bia Tribe 😉 The sense of achievement & the ‘buzz’ after a challenging ride is awesome!

Name: Ruth McAdam

Favourite cake: Bia Blueberry Bakewell (Hayley… there’s a cherry version?!)

If I wasn’t human: If I had a choice, I’d love to be a dolphin.

Favourite thing about riding: Hills (yes, really quite like them), the thrill of blasting along with a bunch of club buddies. Realising that I can actually ride a bike, having only got on one as an adult in Feb 19. I have made SO many new friends through cycling – real friends, the community are biamazing! I have something that is for me where I can forget about home and be myself. I could go on endlessly about the positives. No negatives, not one.

Name:  Sarah Christopher
Favourite Cake:   Mint aero tiffin
If you weren’t a human what would you be: A dog, that they it all, fed, watered, sleep. Nothing else required!
What’s your favourite thing about riding:  The Chat!  Always lots of on a Bia ride. The amazing encouragement and part of belonging to something. Also,  the quiet and re-charge of riding alone.

Thank you ‘Swannies’.