Bia Tour De Femme Cancelled in The Wake of Devastating Fires in Plettenberg Bay

Following a harrowing four days of raging fires, and ongoing efforts to control flare-ups in the Knysna and Plettenberg Bay areas, a decision has been taken to cancel the 2017 edition of the Bia Tour de Femme.

The extensive damage caused by raging fires on Wednesday night to the magnificent Plettenberg Park Hotel & Spa is indescribable, and devastating. Multiple rooms, the pool deck and restaurant areas are completely gutted.

Furthermore, the widespread devastation in the surrounding forests and reserves have severely compromised the routes planned for the three-day event.

“This comes has a huge shock and disappointment to us. The wide-spread destruction caused by the blazes is truly harrowing. With all the devastation, we are now focussing on how to assist those who have lost so much, and where we can get involved to rebuild.” Comments Jenni Green.

Entrants have been refunded in full following the cancellation.

‘We are asking our ladies, and indeed anyone, to support the local communities in any way possible, by donating food, water & suppliesto the local aid groups’ comments Jackie Lange.

Our hope, at this stage, is that in the spirit of rebuilding Plett, we will be able to host the 2018 event at Plettenberg Park Hotel & Spa.

Our thoughts and strength to everyone affected by this unprecedented disaster.

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