Time outs, hitting the proverbial ‘pause’ button, time to breathe…. BUT your bike comes along.

Bia Escapes are all about quiet time, in different places, with friends, riding your bike exploring magical places. Let us capture your cycling imagination, and spoil you with great hospitality, service and exceptional riding.

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Bia Banyoles Escape, Girona, Spain

3 – 6 May 2019

Bia Cape Escape, South Africa

Coming Soon…. Dates to be confirmed

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Bia Cotswolds Escape, United Kingdom

Coming soon…. Dates to be confirmed.

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Lisa Steingold:

With 6 months to go I signed up, booked and paid for the Bia Alpine Escapes trip. I was massively excited about trip and set myself some pretty big training goals for the months leading up to the departure. Life, as it sometimes happens, did not go according to plan. I was not able to train and did only two big rides leading up to the event over the six months. Needless to say that when the time came to depart for the airport, I felt a mix of joy at the prospect of seeing my friends and deep sadness as I knew I didn’t have what it would take to climb the age old giants of the Alps. 

Watching the ladies prep their bikes and lay out their kit enticed me to ‘just try’. Knowing the challenges I faced in the months leading up to the tour, I took all pressure off myself and thought “just try, every kilometre you ride will be a victory and don’t worry if you need to get in the van”. 
I’ve heard people talk about mind over matter and the power of the mind but for me, it was the other way around. My mind kept telling me that I’d never be able to do it but something deep inside me didn’t speak at all, she just turned the pedals and kept going. I didn’t psyche myself to ride each day nor did I try to motivate myself with positive thinking. In fact I didn’t think at all; I just rode. I woke up each day with no expectation of how my body should or could or would perform. The external pressures of my life felt so vast that the demands of the mountains seemed to pale in comparison.
There’s something about ‘family’ that brings a sense of much needed peace and relief. Having my dearest friends, whom I now call family, around me not only brought me peace and relief but something I’d not felt in months; joy. To laugh is a blessing that I now believe we should seek out with the same sense of vigour many of us do with work. 
Some of the climbs were tough, and at some points incredibly tough but something about the days’ climbs brought comfort to my soul. I had the time and space to just ‘be’; another blessing I will ensure to carve out for myself in future. In the times where it felt as though I couldn’t turn one more pedal stroke, I’d stop, have a sip of coke and take a moment. There was something about the pause and staring out over the magnificence that is the Alps that renewed my energy, and so pause by pause, pedal by pedal, the mountains and I became one for a brief moment in time.
I don’t believe I’d have had the same experience on my own or even within another group. I don’t believe I would’ve found the strength inside without the structure that is uniquely Bia and without the support of my soul mates. Having been on other cycle tours and multi-day rides, there’s no comparison. Whilst other operators and groups put together tours, Jenni puts together experiences. Every moment is interwoven into a seamless experience and the experience shapes your soul. 

I can’t say it was being in the Alps, nor can I say it was the support of Eddy (our miracle worker soigneur), nor can I say it was the women or the food or the rides or the super chalet. I can say that all of it seemed to come together in a magical kaleidoscope of a week. 

Bia’s take home line is #thepowerofi and I always had a cognitive understanding of what it meant but I feel like now it’s interwoven into the fabric of my DNA. I’m ready for the climbs; both on and off the bike. I know the importance of laughter, gratitude and just being. And now I have #thepowerofi to take me through until the next Bia Escape.
Thank you Jen for the blessing you’ve brought to my life. 

Katherine Gale:

Four Days in the Alps – New challenges, New adventures, New achievements, New friends. #BiaAlpineEscape

The trip included everything I expected it too, and so much more. I never knew four days on a bike could teach me so much………….

I learned to dismantle and reassemble my bike,
to travel light and only take what you need,
to read the route and prep accordingly,
to start every day with a good coffee,
to appreciate the quiet, well-kept, roads of France,
to keep well fuelled,
to push and pull through every pedal,
to celebrate a 6% gradient as a recovery,
to use the right gearing makes all the difference,
to use my brakes and my body position when descending,
to celebrate each day with people who shared the experience,
I learned to look up and appreciate the breath-taking surroundings and not just focus on getting to the top, but to ENJOY THE RIDE.

My Mantra = Head down, drive forward, but don’t forget to look up and breathe.

The Mountains provide you with a sense of realisation, a sense of how insignificant some things in life can be and how real life can feel. The consideration of there being no limits.
It was me versus the mountain – but it was a team effort to get to the top.

One day I’m saying Yes to a cycle trip, the next I’m standing at the top of the Galibier with the greatest sense of achievement. #BiaAlpineEscape.

Thanks again for an awesome few days.