Why Bia?

In recent years, I’ve truly begun to understand the privilege of riding my bike. The freedom it brings, the independence, the exploration and the FUN! Riding has become not only my escape, but my time to be me – just me.

No matter where I ride, how far I ride, and with whom I ride, the feeling that comes with riding my bike is unparalleled.

Inspiration comes from the quiet time, the surroundings, the feeling of one with your bike. The inner strength, that I see time and again, not only within myself, but in those who ride with me, is something so incredible. The strength of mind on tough climbs, on hard days in the wind… it teaches you things about yourself that you otherwise may not know or learn.

The independence of riding how you like, when you like, for as long as you like and where you like is something that is rarely found in life. There are no rules, only your rules. That in itself is empowering beyond measure.

As a woman, in every sphere of life, integrity is something that is a pillar of self-being and self-worth, something you cannot buy. It’s something that is inherently in you, and who you are. It takes humility to the next level, and humility is something that comes with being on the bike…

Everything about Bia is encapsulated while riding your bike. Deciding from within yourself to do things, to get the courage from deep inside yourself, believing in YOU that you ARE capable, and that the strength you need will come from the one person you can trust – yourself.  Believing in yourself is everything. Discovering that truth will change the way you live your life. Welcome to Bia. Welcome to the power of ‘I’.